Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Boston Hockey Talk- Episode 14 [2/8]

Boston Hockey Talk- Episode 14 [2/8] (Left-click to listen, Right-click and "save link as" to download)

In this week's podcast, Mark and Nuff-Comma-Sho discuss the Bruins' return from the All-Star break, Paille's suspension, Savard's press conference, the rash of injuries across the NHL, and give their final thoughts (we promise) on All-Star weekend.

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  1. As usual, couldn't agree more with Mark's breakdown on why basketball is a sub-par sport. The definition of a "casual fan's sport" was spot on!

    As far as the end of the show question (good job asking it at the end so no one forgot), I've seen on NESN that talks are heating up for Kaberle. I'd definitely support that move. I'd also be interested to see the B's make a pass at Daniel Alfredsson as I feel like he could fill the playmaking void Savard left behind. His leadership is also well documented, I know that he's a favorite in Ottawa, and, if I'm not mistaken, he's under contract next year as well.

    However, as much as I'd love to see the Senators just hand Alf a plane ticket to depart with the B's Friday night, he's on the IR with a back injury. Whenever someone gets old and starts suffering back injuries in hockey, you have to ask some questions, especially because after Mike Fisher was dealt to Nashville for a first-round pick, you have to assume Ottawa is going to target that "Thank You Kessel" Part 2 pick.

    I personally have a VERY hard time parting with that pick. As the guys on the Puck Podcast argue, when trading high picks or top prospects, you need to ask yourself, can this team make a run this year? If we have Thomas and Alfredsson leading the charge, we damn well better, but, for the most part, I feel like the Bruins are one of the more relatively young teams in the league and I'd hate to see them mortgage the next ten years of contention for only an outside chance at the Cup.

    But, at the same time, I wouldn't tattoo Chiarelli like I usually do, so long as he brought in the right player. With the Penguins fading, the East isn't that daunting and I think the Bruins have the potential to beat anyone in a seven-game series. However, the West scares me. Boston didn't look like they belonged in the same building with the Red Wings over an 120-minute span (or the Sharks, for that matter) and they're not even nearly as good as Vancouver. But, if they can make it to the Cup, I'll take my chances on whichever battered team crawls out of the depths of the West.

    On another note, I stopped in middle of the show when I got to work and got out of the car thinking, wow, these guys have definitely started to develop a better flow to the show. I know "The Comma" made a note at the end that it was probably the best show yet, and I'd be inclined to agree. I even heard Mark admit that Patrice Bergeron IS INDEED every bit as good as billed! Don't get complacent, but definitely good work!