Saturday, January 29, 2011

Boston Hockey Talk- Episode 13 [1/29]

Boston Hockey Talk- Episode 13 [1/29] (Left-click to listen, Right-click and "save link as" to download)

In this week's Podcast, Mark and Andy discuss the past week of Bruins action, the injury of Marc Savard, and the NHL All-Star Fantasy draft.


  1. Still working my way through this one, but wanted to let you know that I checked my notes on the game (which apparently are better than anything the AP is tossing out there). I remember that I rewound the hit on Krecji a few times and the last time was to see who hit him. I knew Weiss didn't sound right, because I would have remembered him if it was. I wrote it down as "FLA #85," which would have been Rostislav Olesz.

    Ugly loss today to the Sharks. You know I'm catching some flak out here for that right!? I mean, come on! Did they need to get shutout!?

  2. Here you go guys, found it this morning: